Hollow Tree Candles - Golden Spruce

Hollow Tree Candles - Golden Spruce

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The legendary Sitka spruce once stood 165 feet tall, with shimmering golden needles – a rare genetic mutation that caused its leaves to be golden in colour, grew upon the banks of Haida Gwaii; where the patient observer would find that trees are fed by salmon and eagles can swim. The mythical golden beauty inspired a magical experience of nature.

Library of Trees is inspired by the majestic Forests of the Pacific West Coast. Each scent note evokes the verdant bounty of Alpine Fir, Western Red Cedar and Pine Needles. swirling in layers of palo santo with hints of amber and gilded shades of autumn leaves nestled in labdanum

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Burn Time: Up to 60 hours
Premium Coconut Wax
100% Cotton Wick
260 g